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DVO Furniture Design Can Bring Your Space to Life with Custom Made Outdoor Steel Furniture

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Furniture is the key element to any design concept. At DVO Furniture Design we understand the importance of creating and manufacturing outdoor steel furniture that not only looks good, but is quality too.

We Design, Manufacture and Install Outdoor Steel Furniture for Commercial Spaces

If you’re opening a business, a café or restaurant, one of your priorities will be creating a memorable space for your customers. At DVO Furniture Design we can help you throughout the entire process from design to installation.

We can work with existing design plans and decors, we can take inspiration from photos or sketches you provide or we can completely start from scratch. Once you are happy with the design, we can then manufacture and install your new outdoor steel furniture! It’s that easy.

We Design, Manufacture and Install Outdoor Steel Furniture for Residential Spaces

Your home should be your sanctuary, and having expertly designed, quality outdoor steel furniture can help you create a sancturary. If you already have a design concept or existing décor we can work around it, but if you’re starting with a blank space we can help with that too!

DVO Furniture Design’s expertise is trusted by architects and interior designers, as well renovators and home owners.

Our Expert Manufactures and Designers can also Help with Repairs and Updates

Outdoor steel furniture usually comes out on top against mother nature, but over the years your furniture may need some maintenance. You don’t have to worry about searching for a maintenance company if that happens, you can just bring your furniture back to us!

Our workshop is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment to repair, repaint and reupholster your outdoor steel furniture. This means we can also revamp your outdoor steel furniture to match current trends or give your space a completely fresh look.

We Service Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and More!

We’re Brisbane based but we service the whole country! We would love to be a part of your next commercial or personal project, no matter where you are in Australia. Contact our friendly staff for more information , or to learn more about how we can create what you’ve always wanted.

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