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DVO Furniture Design Turn Design Dreams into Reality with our Custom Steel Furniture

Steel Furniture - Brisbane - Gold Coast - Dvo Furniture Design

At DVO Furniture Designs we can turn your design dreams into reality with our custom steel furniture design and manufacturing services.

Some of the Reasons Why Steel is an Exceptional Material for Your Furniture Needs

  • Steel has incredible ductile strength.
  • Steel is easily maintained and repaired.
  • Steel is easy to clean.
  • Steel is easily shaped and formed into different designs.
  • Steel can have different textures adding to the design elements.
  • Steel can be painted, or powder coasted in assorted colours.
  • Steel can be re-painted multiple times without damaging furniture’s structure.
  • Steel is excellent value for money.

These reasons make steel furniture the perfect choice for your next project! When you speak to our friendly staff, we’re happy to offer our expert advice, and help you choose the materials to suit your design concept.

We can Work with Your Existing Space and Existing Designs

DVO Furniture Designs love working with our customers to achieve the ultimate outcome. If you’re not happy, we’re not happy. We are here to work with you from design conception, through to manufacturing and installation.

If you have to adhere to measurement specifications, an existing interior design concept or specific ideas we can help! Our ability to customise, design, manufacture and install steel furniture, means we can supply you with the exact steel furniture you want for your residential or commercial space.

We Have More than A Decades Worth of Experience in Working with Steel Furniture

DVO Furniture Designs have more than a decade’s worth of experience working within the steel furniture and stainless steel furniture industry. This means that when you work with us, you can be assured you will be getting expert advice and quality made steel furniture that is built to last.

DVO Furniture also have the skills and resources to maintain and update your furniture, as trends come and go.

We Service Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and More!

We’re Brisbane based but we service the whole country! We would love to be a part of your next commercial or personal project, no matter where you are in Australia. Contact our friendly staff for more information , or to learn more about how we can create what you’ve always wanted.

Steel Furniture - Brisbane - Gold Coast - Dvo Furniture Design
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