Why Choose DVO Furniture Design

15 May 2018

DVO Furniture Design is the best place to have your furniture designed and manufactured. Our passion for creating and designing furniture based on your specifications and requests, helps us to present a product with perfect finishes and quality details.

We are an Australian company located in Brisbane, but our service is available throughout the whole country. We have a huge catalogue of choices for you to choose from, or if you have a design in your mind we can help you bring it to life.

Our high-quality furniture is made of the best materials that will stand the test of time. It is made in such a way that if you wish to upgrade it in the future by recolouring, retexturing or reorganising it, it can be easily done.

Our minimalistic themed furniture pieces and coffee tables are designed to fit into tiny spaces, and our high bar tables are a great choice to introduce an elegant look into the house. We manufacture outdoor furniture as well. Our outdoor furniture coating protects your furniture from heat and moisture, and makes it last for a long time.

We manufacture commercial furniture as well. Here is a list of the commercial clients we had the pleasure of working with.

We specialise in manufacturing steel furniture. Here are a few reasons why steel should be your first choice for your next furniture piece:

  • Steel is easily maintained and repaired
  • Steel is easy to clean
  • Steel can be painted or powder coasted in assorted colours
  • Steel is an excellent value for money


We provide a 10-year warranty for welded products and a two year warranty for all other components, as long as they are used for what they are intended for. So, if you are thinking of designing your house, or of adding some new items to your home, contact DVO Furniture Designs now so that we can play a part in adding beauty to your home.

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