Why powder coating is best for your steel furniture

16 Aug 2018

Steel furniture adds to the beauty of your beautiful home. However, there is a catch to using steel furniture which most of the people are concerned about, and that is rust. It’s only natural to have this concern because steel has the chance of getting rust when it comes into contact with water for a long time.

There is a variant of steel called stainless steel which is more refined and better in terms of corrosion resistance, temperature change resistance, strength, and aesthetic appeal. This is mainly done by increasing the chromium content in the steel mass.

Coating a steel furniture is another way to enhance it. There are different kinds of coatings like galvanizing, aluminium coating, ion plating, and powder coating. This process adds an extra layer on top of the steel to enhance it in terms of look and performance as well.

One of the most notable coating process is called powder coating. It is a popular dry finishing process which is applied by spraying a mixture of chemical agents on to the steel surface. It is then heated to allow the layers to chemically bind with each other. As a result, a strong molecular bond is achieved which is hard to break and more resistant to rust and other kinds of external forces.

Not only does this strengthen the steel, but it also improves its appearance. It’s like killing two birds with one stone. It gives environmental advantages as well, making powder coating steel an ideal choice.

That’s why, when you choose powder furniture, you get multiple benefits from choosing a single type of furniture coating. DVO furniture design from Queensland provides you several types of steel furniture options to choose from, including custom steel ones.

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