Questions to ask to find your perfect coffee table

05 Nov 2018

Coffee table – our inconspicuous friend which gives us support day in and day out, sitting at the centre of our living room. Through game nights, parties, children’s shenanigans, and all the tortures we put on it on a daily basis, a coffee table is the centrepiece of a living room, which needs to not only look good, but also withstand all that toil.

Finding a perfect coffee table is therefore something that must happen and you need to ask the correct questions to yourself, the answers to which will get you closer to your desired coffee table. Let’s dive in –

Which colour, material, shape and style does it need to be to fit the surroundings?

This is a multi-faceted question, but it brings the holistic matter of appearance into proper perspective. Form is a very important factor for a coffee table and you must look around its designated location and think, which colour will suit it best. It’s better to blend in with the furniture around and also to contrast with the wall or floor colour. Its distinct presence will be noticeable in that case. Material is another important issue. It can be either fully made of a single material or from a combination of materials. It can be completely wooden or can have a frame made of wood or steel and then a glass top. Finally, the matter of style has to be matched. A traditional styled table won’t go well with a modern or contemporary styled surrounding, so try to synchronise the design themes to have a more complete look.

What should the size be to fulfil your desired level of functionality?

First think about how you want to use the coffee table. Do you want it to hold magazines only, with the occasional use of holding coffee cups? Or do you intend to put cups and other items on top of it regularly? Some use the coffee table as the foothold while they lean back on their couch, that would indicate a more robust kind of material to be used and a good amount of surface space. However, the size should not be too big in comparison to the surrounding furniture, so as to distort the ratio of the furniture for the overall look in the living room. Also, if you plan to use it as a multi-purpose storage tool, you can modify it to have drawers. Keep in mind about the weight.

What should be the ideal height?

Some oriental themed homes have lower tables and on the contrary, people who wish to use their coffee table as a laptop holder or for children to play, the height is usually a bit higher. Keep in mind about the ergonomics and purpose of coffee table, and then determine the height accordingly. This is a very crucial factor as the height greatly impacts the functionality and purpose of the coffee table.

And that’s how you can end up having the perfect coffee table for your home, be honest to yourself and throw out any doubt and think about what you really need and what aspects you can drop out. This will help you to take a decision effectively. Let that coffee table bring comfort and style to your abode.

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