Wooden Vs. metal furniture

15 Oct 2018

One can’t possibly imagine a home without furniture. They make up for the most important and useful parts of the home which is regularly used for different functions. A home is a home because it is made to be habitable in the most comforting ways, and furniture is the essential thing for achieving that.

Two of the most popular materials used for furniture are metal and wood. Depending on your overall home design theme and your personal preference, you can choose from any of these, or combine them if you please. Let’s have a look at their characteristics which will help to choose.

Wooden furniture

Perhaps the first kind of furniture, still going strong as an elegant choice in people’s homes is the wooden furniture. There are many different kinds of wood from which furniture are made. Wood is comparatively softer than steel and can be cut into desired shapes easily. Wood can also be carved and engraved with intricate design patterns. This is the more popular type of furniture. It has a higher level of aesthetic appeal and suited for almost any kind of furniture. In the downside of things, wood was previously prone to termite and other pest infestation, but now with proper treatment and chemical processing, this problem doesn’t happen. Wooden furniture can be very large in size and sometimes, a single piece or block of wood can be used to make a whole furniture.

Steel furniture

In the more recent times, steel furniture has become increasingly popular due to its strength, malleability and lifespan. Steel furniture can be made into any desired shape and then coated with different types of protective layers to keep it away from wearing away and giving it a more appealing look as well as making it more durable. Steel furniture can be complimented with other materials to bring out a unique combination. The chances of customisation and possible options are higher with steel furniture.

Which one to choose?

As mentioned earlier, it all comes down to preference and suitability. Steel tends to give a more modern and polished look to your home, allowing modern lighting systems to enhance the look further on. On the other hand, wooden furniture gives off an earthier, natural, and country vibe. Steel is mostly cold, and the colours are mostly dark and deep, and the surface can be reflective. Wood is less reflective by default, although it can be made to shine. Wood patterns are visually appealing and the aesthetic value is enhanced more with wooden furniture. Wooden furniture is also deemed to be a more luxurious and elegant form of furniture. It has a warmer tone and brings excitement to the interior of your home.

A totally wooden or totally steel furniture filled home may look imbalanced and that’s why combining these two material made furniture throughout your home can bring about a balanced look and a more appealing aesthetic overall.

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