Modern stool design ideas for your kitchen

05 Sep 2018

Your kitchen is the heart of the home. This is because of the fact that you spend most of your time in the kitchen preparing food. Most kitchens also have the dining space altogether. Being the most important space of your home, it needs to have that style and statement. It needs to be consistent with the overall design, as well as make its own identity as the kitchen of the home.

One of the most effective ways of easy and simple seating arrangement in a kitchens is done with stools. These are small and sleek furniture which does not take much space, and accommodates more people to have their food together as a family.

Depending on the overall design theme of the home, here are a selection of modern stool design ideas for your kitchen –

Bump stool

If you have a dark themed design in your kitchen, you can further improve the aesthetics by placing contrasting stools. The bump stool from DVO furniture is an ideal choice. It’s a combination of comfort, elegance and utility. It’s an upholstered stool with small rise at back on a Stainless Steel frame. The softness feels fantastic when you sit on it, and even after long hours, it won’t leave you with any kind of fatigue. The little bit of bump provides a sense of direction and support. There is a square of horizontal bars for keeping your feet and the stainless steel provides a yet solid hold with a light-weight.

Marley Small Stool

For a unique design, lower level tables are now a thing and to compliment that design, these small stools are the perfect companions. These bright coloured legs made of steel gives a bright look with small foot rests. To top it all off, quite literally so, PNG Teak Timber is used to give that ‘Au Natural’ look. The steel frame is powder coated for longevity and this small and unique piece is available in this small version only.

Rutter Stool

A little bit of timber and black frame can be a nice addition to your kitchen. Rutter stools are made with square shaped PNG Teak timbers on the top for a casual finish and the legs are made of powder coated steel frame. With enough weight to provide a good grip to the floor, the powder keeps off unnecessary damp growth and avoiding rust. The smoothened top is comfortable for sitting down and the foot rests are placed perfectly for highest levels of comfort.

Rarley Bar Stool

While some like it square, others prefer it round and dark. The top on this one is made of dark timber and with powder coated steel frames as legs. The legs are beautifully designed to support the top in a tight frame and a wider frame which gradually becomes narrow towards the bottom for a perfect slender legs. The inside of the frame is joined by a leg support frame. This one is suitable for most backgrounds, be it dark or light themed. Get the feel of a bar right in your home kitchen with this rarely bar stool.

Vex Stool

This one is the clear winner here. When the background and surrounding is dark, this light themed stool stands out from the rest and is a true beauty of a modern design. There are arc shapes engravings on the top and the most splendid part is the Nuvex top. It gives off a soft vibe with the nuvex made top, ideal for withstanding water and damp. It doesn’t end there only, the silver coloured stainless steel frame which holds the stool is shaped differently to clearly stand out and yet provide that sturdy support.

You can get all of these wonderful, modern and stylish stools at DVO furniture design in Queensland. Just call 07 3807 4368

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