Decorate your home like a minimalist

15 Sep 2018

Minimalism has made itself to be the buzzword in the past years. It has peaked significant levels of interest among people, and for quite the thought provoking reasons as well. It can change your life for the better with fewer things to worry about in your life.

They say less is more, and minimalism is a concept developed around just that. By vigorously getting rid of unnecessary items in your home, you end up with only the necessities and that leads to a life with few items, and of course, fewer furniture in your home. How can you decorate your home fabulously like a bona fide minimalist? Let’s have a look –

1. Decluttering

A very obvious first step is decluttering, which means removing items you don’t need. People set different durations of time to determine what item they don’t need. This time can range from 6 months to 2 years or even 3. If you own an item which you haven’t needed within this time frame, you probably wouldn’t be needing it and that must be thrown away. Similarly, all the surface items that is visible should either be discarded or kept behind any other surface like a drawer, cabinet or storage. Once you’ve identified the items and removed them, your first step is done.

2. Choosing the best

Since you don’t have the luxury of keeping a second choice, just keep what is best for you. This way, you end up with only the necessary items and still don’t feel so bad about it. For example – if you have multiple sofa sets or several kinds of chairs, choose only one type. Bring uniformity across your home. You’ll be amazed at the end results. One of the best feelings is having all that open space.

3. Smart storage

Chances are high that you will still feel dubious about certain possessions, and it’s totally understandable. Our nostalgia and memories have their own special place in our hearts. To hold on to your memories without losing your valuables, smart storage is a very nifty solution. Smart storages are spaces behind surfaces that unfold or unlock when you open that surface. For example, if you have a box bed, you can have extra drawers within it, which can be opened from a side. There is also special furniture which have secret compartments and handy pockets and spaces which you can utilise to your advantage. Not only your bed, you can have your sofa set, walls, cabinets, stools, storage, ceiling customised to store the extras.

4. Arrange wisely

A well-arranged minimalistic home is a dream come true. Arrange the remaining furniture and stuff according to the activities which you do in your home on a regular basis. For example – a centre table and a sofa close together with a soft coloured rug beneath. You can have one light carefully and strategically placed to light up the entire room. Leave out accent furniture which only adds to the form of your home, and not to the function.

Light up your home with slimmer, sleek, and absolutely functional pieces of necessary furniture, carefully and strategically placed to maximise utility. Not only will the extra open space make you feel good, you will also feel comfortable moving around, more air to pass around and less things to clean, maintain and worry about. It’s quality over quantity in this case.

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